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What is the Taste of Paradise?

With an established reputation for over 50 years, Goroka Coffee is PNG's premier coffee roaster. Its distinctive retail and gift packs have been part of everyones luggage when departing Goroka or its capital Port Moresby.


Goroka Coffee is located 5,000 feet above sea level in the eastern highlands of PNG, four hours from the port city of Lae and one hour by plane from Port Moresby. 

The rich volcanic soils, sub-tropical climate and fresh mountain air provide perfect growing conditions to grow high quality arabica coffee. Typica, bourbon and blue mountain varieties are grown under shade trees, hand picked when ripe, pulped, washed and sun dried. 

Goroka Coffee Roasters plays an important part of the greater community by providing employment, downstream prcessing the predominantly exported raw coffee and supporting a variety of community projects.

GCR supports small holder growers and plantation coffee producers and pays a premium price for high quality coffee cherry. This whole process ensures that a far greater return is acheived for local growers, producers and the region. Fair Trade at its best!

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